Has your website been sitting on the same server for years?

Do you occasionally worry that you’ve no idea when the server was last updated or had security patches applied?

Is your website a bit of a black box? You know what it does, but not how it does it, and what technologies are employed?

Have numerous different developers & companies worked on your site since it went live many years ago?

Your website is 5+ years old yet you’ve never had discussions about upgrades or security updates with your developers.

Does your website use one of the many web development frameworks in existence? What version is it? Does it need upgrading? When did support run out?

Get an up-to-date risk analysis of your website

Your website is essential to your business.

It was built a number of years ago and even though it’s working, you’ve an inkling that things could be better.

You read an article last month on Internet Security and you’re keen to know how exposed you might be.

Your internal team need some help. They are fine at keeping things ticking over but not experts with servers and some of the more technical integrations.

You need a Website Audit

Our fixed-price website audit will give you a comprehensive, commercially focused & human readable overview of your system. It will contain all the information you need to take back to your developers and get them to fully de-risk your website.

Amongst other things, the report will cover:

Code structure, frameworks & libraries

How is it coded? Does it roughly follow current best practices? If not, how much of a risk is that?

It was built using Framework XYZ or CMS 123 which is now 6 years old and no longer getting security updates. Should you be concerned about this? What are your options?

Database access

Is the code robust enough to handle basic SQL Injection exploits? No? What can be done to remove the risk?


How does the system send emails? Is it an external system or do emails get sent directly from the server? Are you spam blacklisted? Could you be handling bounces better?


What version of the operating system is it running? How old is that, are there newer versions?

Are there any security patches that could be applied? When did security updates last get applied?

Development workflows

How is the application developed at the moment? Is version control being used? Is there a separate test server? Are deployments automated or manual? What are the risks here?

How busy is the site?

Can the server handle it?

When do you need to consider scaling your infrastructure to match demand?

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Sounds great, but I have some questions…

Who are you? Why should I trust you?

Siftware has been established for 10 years. We have lots of happy customers who we provide a similar service to. We’re UK based and you can come and meet us in our Shrewsbury HQ.

What sort of people need a Website Audit?

Typical scenarios include:

  • Owner looking to reduce risk for an essential business asset
  • Manager looking to define a budget for essential upgrades to infrastructure
  • Development team looking for an external second opinion on their systems and potential room for improvement

I don’t want to alienate our current designers or agency

That’s fine, we work well with our peers. We’re not looking to steal way any design work or web design services; it’s not what we do.

The report is written in such a way that it is useful for developers and non-technical managers alike. If you hand it to your team they’ll have a solid document to work through to reduce the risks on your website.

Can you help us fix the problems you highlight?

Sure, if you don’t have anyone to work on your site, we’d be happy to get involved.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Don’t take our word for it

Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

Dr David Claridge – CIO, Risk Advisory PLC

We rely on Siftware to keep our complex SaaS application running and as our business has grown they have ensured that the system has scaled to keep up with the increased demand. They are flexible, responsive and commercially savvy; they work closely with us to ensure that we meet our business objectives
Casey Cole. MD. Guru Systems

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.
John Wright, CTO. WVP Ltd.

Ready to remove your risk?

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P.S. Not quite ready yet? No problem. In the meantime you might want to consider getting hold of a copy of our free guide to modern web development.

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