Siftware specialises in taking over the management of business critical PHP applications & extending their useful life.

Our customers are responsible for an existing PHP web application and they understand that their assets require ongoing PHP support and essential maintenance in order to remain functioning in a stable and secure manner.

They love how we take the hassle away from them so they can get on and run their businesses. We remove the worry that they are exposed to risk.


Worried about Security or Stability?
Is your legacy system working optimally?
Need to migrate to a new server or maybe you need help maintaining your application?

We can proactively check your server and application monthly to ensure all is running optimally and give you the peace of mind knowing that your systems are running securely and efficiently.

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Do you need new features adding to your web application?
Did you inherit this application and nobody within the business has a clear idea of how it all fits together?
Maybe the site needs upgrading to a new version of PHP?

We can work with you and your existing development or design team to help you ship new features and also keep everything safe and secure.

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How we can help

1. Audit your code

Your code & servers are checked & any security risks are highlighted in a comprehensive report.
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2. Make it portable

Your website is made 'portable' so it can easily move to any server & have any developer work on it.
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3. Secure & protected

We are on call for any support and optionally any ongoing development requirements.
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Some of the customers we’ve worked with

What they say

We have been working with Siftware for a number of years, ever since we identified the need for additional development support. The Siftware team has been consistently professional, and technically competent. Their first step was to complete a comprehensive website audit and risk report establishing the causes of our performance issues. Siftware also made our application fully portable to ensure efficient development and disaster recovery. Once the initial analysis had been done, performance issues and risks were identified and addressed, and we continued to rely on the expert advice and guidance of the PHP support team. The Siftware team have become an integral part of our technical development process and we value their expertise and extensive knowledge of PHP.

Adam Walton
Beacon Project Coordinator, U3A

Siftware are an integral part of our ongoing application development processes and have been invaluable working with our in-house developers, testers, and product owners on updates and features for our back end systems as well as our customer-facing website. Siftware have been excellent at helping us with both quick-turn, ad-hoc projects and with year-round services. They have proven themselves time and again to be highly adaptable, professional and trustworthy partners, and we have found them to be efficient, responsive and knowledgeable in all aspects of delivery. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Siftware team as we continue to evolve our technology and product offering.

Alan Reitsch
Chief Technology Officer, Into Film

As an experienced developer I have been impressed with how Siftware have handled taking over the support of one of our web applications. The initial risk report was detailed and very useful. Furthermore the work done to make the application ‘portable’ – so any developer can work on it and we can now easily move it to any server – has been particularly valuable. Going forwards it is going to be much easier to maintain our code.

Will Hemming
Founder, Little White Feather

Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

David Claridge
CIO, Risk Advisory Group PLC

We rely on Siftware to keep our complex SaaS application running and as our business has grown they have ensured that the system has scaled to keep up with the increased demand. They are flexible, responsive and commercially savvy; they work closely with us to ensure that we meet our business objectives

Casey Cole
MD. Guru Systems

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.

John Wright
Siftware have been with us since the beginning and have played an integral part in our success, helping us with onsite metering hardware, designing IT processes & building bespoke software that helps keep the business running smoothly.
Gareth Jones
MD, Insite Energy

When our previous developer suddenly disappeared in 2017 Siftware came to our rescue and immediately undertook a comprehensive audit and risk report, identifying all our performance issues and highlighting potential security risks. They were extremely professional and thorough in their work, giving us peace of mind and reassurance that our web application was performing optimally and securely. We continued to rely on the expertise of the Siftware team both in terms of our ongoing development needs and also just as importantly, in a support function, right up until the business was sold towards the end of 2018. It was extremely comforting to know that when we encountered unexpected maintenance issues, Siftware were on call to help resolve any technical problems to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our website

Tony Ingram
Owner (to Dec 2018), Car & Classic

Who are Siftware?

We only work on custom PHP applications & websites, just like yours.

Our HQ is in Shropshire but we regularly work for customers all over the UK and beyond.

We’ve worked in all kinds of industries, including energy suppliers, high level global security, and rolling news for traders and bankers.

We’re experts at taking over existing PHP applications and giving them a new lease of life.

We’ve built numerous complex PHP applications from scratch.

If it’s complex, custom and PHP then you’ve come to the right place.


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