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PHP Development & Support Specialists

Discover how we can help you protect & secure your PHP application whilst shipping new features (or rescue the project if it is causing you stress).

PHP Development Need urgent help?

Working, together

We make sure your PHP app is up-to-date, secure and working perfectly.

We understand that your website is critical to your success – you need those new features now to stay ahead of the competition and you certainly can’t afford any security scares or downtime. As your budgets are squeezed your internal team have to take on more and more to keep you going.

Sound familiar? There is an alternative. You can partner with us, a long established team of PHP developers who have spent the last 17 years working on custom built PHP applications just like yours.

Winning, together

We work with all kinds of organisations – large and small, start-up and established, not for profit and commercial enterprises.

We work best with an invested stakeholder – probably you (Hi 👋) reading this – because your business or job depends upon the success of the web application.


You’re responsible for your company’s web app and probably built a lot of it yourself. You don’t have enough hours or people to meet all the businesses often conflicting  requirements and you’re concerned everything is too reliant on you.

You need extra developers that will work seamlessly with you and you want to remove yourself as a potential single point of failure for the PHP app you’ve given so much effort and time crafting.

Head of Digital

You have in-house talent but also a large, ever-changing, schedule of new features to ship across a small fleet of apps, websites & microsites. Possibly a not-for-profit, you need flexibility and to squeeze extra value from your development team.

You are open to new working practices, and are no stranger to outsourcing, but experience tells you that any external team have to be based in the UK, like you.


You work for a large organisation and the web app that drives a large part of the business is your responsibility. The problem is that it’s not really your main role and it’s already difficult enough to find the time to get everything else done.

To make things worse, it turns out the lead developer left three months ago, with minimal handover, and now you’re told nobody knows the password to  deploy new changes live.

It’s clear that your business needs some external help so you are looking for  some ‘off the shelf’ developer time to level-up you and your team.


Your web application is your business. It has been built in stages over the years by varied agencies and contractors but you know it inside out and rely on it for your team’s income.

Your last freelance developer went travelling and never came back. You need the peace of mind that your php application is supported and you really like how we always have a minimum of two developers available to work on your project, so you can plan, and prioritise enhancements all year around without having to worry about holidays or sickness.

How you benefit

Whether we act as your stand-alone developers, as an extension of your in-house team, or alongside other agency partners you can always be sure that we, as your php development partners, have your priorities as our priorities.

  • Deliver & Win. Internal efficiencies, increased revenue generation, integration with third parties, improved communication and marketing goals… rest assured, your objectives will be our priority.

  • Stabilise & Consolidate. We audit, we uncover, we rescue, we fix and we prepare you for scale. Our rigorous processes give you peace of mind.

  • Support & Maintain. Whether you need emergency response or planned security updates, we manage your risk, so you don’t have to.

Our insight

We have been building complex web applications since the beginning of the internet. With over 20 years’ experience, we’re experts in looking after business critical websites and apps and we’d like to share some of our insights with you.

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Our skills

Whether you have a legacy system or are at the cutting edge, we work with the technologies that drive your business.


Grid of web application related software and utilities that SIftware uses. Laravel, Vagrant, PHP, Google Cloud, Ansible, NodeJS, WordPress, GitHub, Digital Ocean, MySQL, Zend Framework, Ubuntu Linux, Drupal, RedHat

Ready to get started?

If you are reading this thinking "I need help with my PHP app" then you are in the right place. To get things moving we need to arrange a call to talk through your needs.

The call is a no obligation way to see if your project is likely to be a good fit for both parties.

The Siftware team looks forward to hearing from you.

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