Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your developers are always too busy when you need some basic support
  • It is becoming a headache to look after your custom web application in-house. Maybe your team has changed and you now lack internal expertise, or your freelancer has gone missing leaving you in the lurch?
  • Your PHP website needs upgrading or migrating to new servers but your developers could do with some help
  • Your application keeps going down under heavy load
  • You’re an agency and your lead developer left, nobody in the team knows how to make changes to an older application
  • You have bespoke needs and you are looking for a PHP Consultant?
  • You’re a freelancer and you are unable to take holiday because your clients are always calling with simple support requests
  • You wrote the application yourself. Things are going so well you’re now too busy running your business to keep things up to date or add new features

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How we can help

1. Audit your code

Your code & servers are checked & any security risks are highlighted in a comprehensive report.
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2. Make it portable

Your website is made 'portable' so it can easily move to any server & have any developer work on it.
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3. Secure & protected

We are on call for any support and optionally any ongoing development requirements.
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Some of the clients we’ve worked with

What our customers say

As an experienced developer I have been impressed with how Siftware have handled taking over the support of one of our web applications. The initial risk report was detailed and very useful. Furthermore the work done to make the application ‘portable’ – so any developer can work on it and we can now easily move it to any server – has been particularly valuable. Going forwards it is going to be much easier to maintain our code.

Will Hemming
Founder, Little White Feather

Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

David Claridge
CIO, Risk Advisory Group PLC

We rely on Siftware to keep our complex SaaS application running and as our business has grown they have ensured that the system has scaled to keep up with the increased demand. They are flexible, responsive and commercially savvy; they work closely with us to ensure that we meet our business objectives

Casey Cole
MD. Guru Systems

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.

John Wright
Siftware have been with us since the beginning and have played an integral part in our success, helping us with onsite metering hardware, designing IT processes & building bespoke software that helps keep the business running smoothly.
Gareth Jones
MD, Insite Energy

Who are Siftware?

We only work on custom PHP applications & websites, just like yours.

Our HQ is in Shropshire but we regularly work for clients all over the UK and beyond.

We’ve worked in all kinds of industries, including energy suppliers, high level global security, and rolling news for traders and bankers.

We’re experts at taking over existing PHP applications and giving them a new lease of life.

We’ve built numerous complex PHP applications from scratch.

If it’s complex, custom and PHP then you’ve come to the right place.


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