We understand that your web application is important to your business.

No, it probably is your business.

Protecting and maintaining it is essential, just like with any other asset that you don’t want to inevitably become a liability.

In the same way you service your car to keep it on the road, your web app also benefits from regular check-ups and maintenance too.

Those dreaded words, ‘the website’s down (again)’ give businesses the chills, especially those that don’t have the in-house skills or time to fix it, or keep it ticking over.

We can help you here in two key ways:

  1. Provide timely support when problems occur.
  2. Keep your PHP app well-maintained and running smoothly, to try and avoid less of number 1.


Designed to remove worry & give peace of mind that should you need timely support, we’ll be there, ready and waiting.

Packages start from £495 per month and can include:

    • Dedicated support email & helpdesk for your team to report bugs or problems

    • Priority scheduling for urgent issues

    • Next working day SLA

    • Use of our project planning tools to better manage your project backlog

We are are unable to provide support as a stand-alone service, sorry. We have tried, but our experience tells us that to be effective, our developers need intimate and up-to-date knowledge of the application. This can only be gained by working on it regularly.


As part of an agreed and customised maintenance schedule, we will spend on average between 4 & 16 hours per month, depending upon the size and age of your application, working on maintenance tasks to keep your application in great shape.

Regular servicing
Usually monthly, a developer will go through a checklist of tasks related to server and application maintenance such as checking and rotating a multitude of log files and emails, updating the server operating system, upgrading PHP version or checking performance analytics.

Code updates
Ensure your system is current and risk-free by monitoring the codebase and ensuring that all security patches for third-party libraries have been applied.

Resource management
Check server load against agreed metrics and decide whether additional resources are required to maintain a reliable service.

Bug fixes & optimisations
Ongoing tweaks & optimisations. The less glamourous improvements to keep the codebase current and working with the current PHP framework and third-party libraries as well as third-party APIs

For maintenance, we charge a minimum of £495 per month. Normally, this would come as an addition to a custom development agreement, though we can offer this as a stand-alone service to fully onboarded development customers on a zero-hour contract retainer basis.