Has your developer gone missing, or do they take too long to respond? Does this mean you’re unable to get urgent problems fixed?

Maybe you are worried that your site has not been updated in some time, and now you’re speaking to web developers who are telling you that your app, something that has already been a huge investment, needs a complete rewrite.

Or, it could be urgent: your site has been hacked, or a server has gone down, and it’s not coming back up.

Fear not; we can help.

Either working independently or alongside your existing development team.  We can help you escape your situation and get things back on track.

How does it work?

In short, you become a custom development customer, but depending upon the urgency of your immediate need, some of the timescales are accelerated.

Our first priority is to fix the problem you’re having. To do this, we’ll get the app running on our systems so we can work on it and provide a temporary fix.

Once any initial emergency is over, we’ll complete our standard onboarding process by making sure that the application is fully portable as well as finishing off any code audit and risk report.

Once onboarded, we can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance for your PHP app. Together, we’ll also put together a project backlog – we can use your backlog management tools, or we can provide one – and agree a prioritised list of tasks to work from on each month. This list could include priority tasks flagged up during the risk report, such as an outdated PHP version.

Join our happy customers and become part of the Siftware family.

Our calling is to remove worry and risk for the owners of legacy PHP applications. Once you are on board we will:

  • Schedule a call each month to discuss your project and agree priorities (if you want it)
  • Never go over agreed budgets without checking with you first
  • Have at least two developers who know your code so there is always continuity in case of holiday or sickness
  • Ensure that your website stays up to date and that things continue to run smoothly
  • Provide support contracts so we can jump on issues immediately