Darren Beale


Over 20 years ago, before the dot com crash, before broadband & smartphones I was writing custom applications in PHP (3!) and looking after racks of servers in London data centres. I founded Siftware in 2006 and have subsequently worked on a multitude of PHP projects using most major development frameworks such as Symfony & Laravel and content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

These days I work with my management team to run Siftware. I will be involved in the onboarding process and with my extensive experience working on apps just like yours, I am well positioned to quickly understand your situation.

My team is 100% tooled-up to support your PHP web application, it’s our thing, it’s what we do. Let’s schedule a call to talk about how we can help. Please fill out the form, or email hello@siftware.com to get things started.

Sara Chandler

Head of Operations

Sara is primary customer contact and is responsible for maximising our client and commercial relationships.

Having previously been a client of Siftware (whilst she was the MD of a London design agency), Sara has been with the team for 7 years and brings a robustness of senior-level operations to our business.

Her diverse background both on the client and service side, includes a stint in-house as Head of Marketing at Ernst & Young.


Hayley Cuthbertson

Sales and Project Administrator

Working closely with all members of the Siftware team, Hayley ensures that all aspects of the business run smoothly and seamlessly.

She’ll be your day to day contact as we go through the process of bringing your project on-board

“Once a month you’ll get a report from me detailing what we’ve worked on and how things are progressing”.

Iain Cuthbertson

Senior Developer & Quality Assurance Lead

Iain was employee number one and has been with Siftware for over 15 years!

As well as being a senior PHP developer assigned to project work, Iain has responsibility for QA and has in depth knowledge of our processes and backend systems.

He’ll likely sit in on any onboarding calls and will be involved in any server upgrades or engineering tasks related to making your web app portable.