When you sign up to a PHP Support contract with us we offer you peace of mind and practical assistance, with our team of PHP experts on hand to help resolve any issues you may have.

Our PHP Support contract includes

  • Managed Service
  • Support Helpdesk
  • Half-hourly billing
  • Next day SLA
  • Developer time included
  • Documentation Store
  • Backlog Manager

We can help take any worries away – sign up today

Get professionally managed PHP support from just £249 per month*

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Alternatively, please call 0845 680 9676

You sign up to a PHP support contract. We commit to:

You are safe, covered under our support banner.

Think of it as an insurance policy

Should a problem occur you log it using your custom helpdesk email address; we’ll be back in touch within the agreed timescales.

  • We look at the problem and start working on a fix.
  • No long queue.
  • No hassle.

A support contract allows you to jump our development queue, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for issues to be resolved. A small number of hours are included each month to cover any work you might need doing to bring things back up or to keep things smoothly ticking along.

Get peace of mind & sleep easy. We’ll work with you and your hosting company to ensure that the lights stay on and that your business keeps running.

We can help take any worries away – sign up today

Get professionally managed PHP support from just £249 per month*

Book a call

Alternatively, please call 0845 680 9676

*There is a one off set up fee of £2949 which also includes:

How it works

1. Audit your code

Your code & servers are checked & any security risks are highlighted in a comprehensive report.
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2. Make it portable

Your website is made 'portable' so it can easily move to any server & have any developer work on it.
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3. Secure & protected

We are on call for any support and optionally any ongoing development requirements.

Do you have any of these concerns?

Could my site go down for an extended period?
Has the server been secured against hacking?
When did the backups last run? There are backups, right?

It is hard to get changes made or new features added

Your freelancer went snowboarding last month and she hasn’t come back. When you call your development company they say they can look at it in a couple of weeks. But, hang on, this is urgent. It needed sorting yesterday.

How hard can it be?

With other types of software you get support contracts.
Your support queries get answered quickly and you’re back up and running again in no time.
That’s what you need for your website: straight forward, timely and capable support. Someone you can turn to when things go wrong.
Someone to sort problems out without a major fuss or extended delays.

Get professionally managed PHP support from just £249 per month*

Book a call

Alternatively, please call 0845 680 9676

Don’t take our word for it …

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.

John Wright

As an experienced developer I have been impressed with how Siftware have handled taking over the support of one of our web applications. The initial risk report was detailed and very useful. Furthermore the work done to make the application ‘portable’ – so any developer can work on it and we can now easily move it to any server – has been particularly valuable. Going forwards it is going to be much easier to maintain our code.

Will Hemming
Founder, Little White Feather

Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

David Claridge
CIO, Risk Advisory Group PLC
Siftware have been with us since the beginning and have played an integral part in our success, helping us with onsite metering hardware, designing IT processes & building bespoke software that helps keep the business running smoothly.
Gareth Jones
MD, Insite Energy

We rely on Siftware to keep our complex SaaS application running and as our business has grown they have ensured that the system has scaled to keep up with the increased demand. They are flexible, responsive and commercially savvy; they work closely with us to ensure that we meet our business objectives

Casey Cole
MD. Guru Systems

Sounds interesting, but I have some questions…

  • Who are you?

    Siftware has been providing development, support and maintenance services for over 11 years. We have many happy & long-standing customers. We’re UK based and if you are too, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting.

  • Why Siftware?


    We support and maintain existing complex, bespoke PHP applications like yours. It’s our 100% focus and we do this one thing very well.

    Working with existing code is different to starting from scratch. Unlike some of our competitors we won’t suggest a complete re-write of an application when we first encounter it. We understand that your application represents a significant investment and whilst keeping it secure and maintained in a cost effective manner is essential, we also recognise that if the application is currently providing value to its users and revenue for the owner then a pragmatic outlook is best.

  • How do I know you won't also be 'too busy' when I have a problem?

    We specialise in supporting existing web applications. We’re not distracted by having to constantly win large new-build software projects, our business is 100% set-up to support businesses like yours.

    Our systems keep track of the number of clients with support contracts and ensures that we’ve always slack into our schedule to handle demand peaks.

  • I don’t want to alienate our current designers or agency

    That’s fine, we work well with our peers. We’re not looking to steal away any design work or web design services; it’s not what we do. We only supply support services or do maintenance work on complex, behind the scenes web software projects.

  • I'm a developer or agency. If my client signs up, will you take work away from us?

    No. Our business thrives on referrals and it would be commercial suicide for us to start alienating our peers.

    Take a look at our service designed to help freelancers or agencies.

  • What about maintenance jobs or getting new features added?

    No problem, we’re here ready and waiting.

    If you need the odd piece of ad-hoc work doing, we just book you in to our next free slot.

    If you have a larger volume of requests then we can agree a set number of days per month and these get placed into our schedule first, ensuring that we are always working on your project month on month.

    You will get to see constant progress.

Any questions? Get a free consultation.

Would you like us to go through things in more detail?  let’s get a slot booked in your diary for a call, please fill out this form or alternatively email help@siftware.com.

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