Having invested so much time, energy and resources into the development of your PHP web application, it is all too easy to sit back and assume everything will run smoothly forever. However we know that this is not the case. You may want to consider a PHP Maintenance contract to ensure your app continues to work efficiently and securely.

You wouldn’t dream of just driving your car without check-ups or servicing – so why would you do it with your web application?

At Siftware, we believe that PHP maintenance is essential work that needs to be carried out on your software application so it can continue to reliably and securely function.

Let us take this hassle away from you now. We will look after all of your PHP Maintenance needs, checking your server and application on a monthly basis.

Your peace of mind for just £249 per month*

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*price valid for one server, £50 for every additional server

Maintenance focuses on upgrading an application to ensure it remains productive and/or cost effective.

Some examples of maintenance work that is essential;

  • Technology and Platform Changes – to keep your system updated to the latest third party updates. We ensure code bases are monitored and kept current and risk free
  • Scaling – as the application grows, there will be resource issues
  • Bug Fixing – an ongoing requirement for any modern software

Importantly, we get that all these routine maintenance issues can be boring and mundane. That is why we are here, to take this burden away from you whilst ensuring that your applications are kept up to date and running optimally.

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