Your website is important to your business.

No, it probably is your business.

You are fed up with being treated as a second class citizen by your developers. There is no way you would treat your customers like this:

  • It is really hard to get hold of anyone to speak to, they are always so busy they regularly don’t return your calls or emails
  • Any amendments or new features take months to go live and take twice as long as quoted to implement
  • Your projects are always going over agreed budgets
  • Your agency is so busy working on new projects that they don’t have time to help you with your occasional requirements
  • You are worried about getting hacked but your freelancer tells you that your site needs to be re-written from scratch

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with effective and professional web developers

You’d like to be working with a company that understands the pressures that you are under and already works with clients in a similar situation.

Someone who knows that your application represents a lot of blood, sweat & tears and that just throwing it away and starting again is not an option!

  • Someone who returns your calls
  • Developers who stick to budgets and don’t give you nasty surprises
  • A company with multiple developers available to work on your system
  • Developers who specialise at working with legacy PHP applications
  • A team with lots of happy customers
  • Developers who work with you protect your existing code base from hacking

Get access to the UK’s #1 PHP Development & Support Agency

Join our happy customers and become part of the Siftware family.

Our calling is to remove worry and risk for the owners of legacy PHP applications. Once you are on board we will:

  • Send you a report each month detailing what we have worked on
  • Schedule a call each month to discuss your project and agree priorities (if you want it)
  • Never go over agreed budgets without checking with you first
  • Have at least two developers who know your code so there is always continuity in case of holiday or sickness
  • Ensure that your website stays up to date and that things continue to run smoothly
  • Provide support contracts so we can jump on issues immediately


We can help take any worries away, let’s start talking

Get professional PHP Development & Support

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How we normally work, a 3 step process

1. Audit your code

Your code & servers are checked & any security risks are highlighted in a sympathetic and comprehensive report.
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2. Make it portable

Your website is made 'portable' so it can easily move to any server & have any developer work on it.
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3. Secure & protected

We are on call for any support and optionally any ongoing development requirements.
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Sounds interesting, but I have some questions…

  • Who are you?

    Siftware has been providing development, support and maintenance services for 13 years. We have many happy & long-standing customers.

    Our calling is simple: to remove worry and risk for our clients.

    Our core team is UK based and if you are too, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting in person.

  • Why Siftware?


    We support and maintain existing complex, bespoke PHP applications like yours. It’s our 100% focus and we do this one thing very well.

    Working with existing code is different to starting from scratch. Unlike some of our competitors we won’t suggest a complete re-write of an application when we first encounter it. We understand that your application represents a significant investment and whilst keeping it secure and maintained in a cost effective manner is essential, we also recognise that if the application is currently providing value to its users and revenue for the owner then a pragmatic outlook is best.

  • How do I know you won't also be 'too busy' when I have a problem?

    We specialise in supporting existing web applications. We’re not distracted by having to constantly win large new-build software projects, our business is 100% set-up to support businesses like yours.

    Our systems keep track of the number of clients with support contracts and ensures that we’ve always slack into our schedule to handle demand peaks.

  • I don’t want to alienate my current developers

    That’s fine, we work well with our peers. We’re can work alongside them and augment your team to match your needs

    We are particularly sympathetic to the pressures that solo developers are under when managing a large complex software project. We can provide a non-judgemental and supportive service to help your team.

  • What is the difference between support and maintenance?

    Support is you being able to get in touch when you have a problem.

    All clients on a support contract get to call us up and will get a priority (usually same-day) response, we even include a few hours each month to cover some communication and investigation time.

    Maintenance is us looking after your application and ensuring that it stays up to date and as secure as possible.

    Just like you would service your car or carry out essential maintenance on your house to avoid longer-term issues, website maintenance ensures that your website remains an asset and doesn’t turn into a liability.

  • Can you work on new features for me?


    If you have development requirements and your team is too busy we are happy to either take development lead or simply to slot in alongside them.

    You can use our stack for project and code management, or we can use yours.

    If you need the odd piece of ad-hoc work doing, we just book it in to our next free slot.

    If you have a larger volume of requests then we can agree a set number of days per month and these get placed into our schedule first, ensuring that we are always working on the project month on month.

    There will be constant progress.

  • How do I know you are legit?

    Reasonably you want assurances that we deliver on our promises?

    How about:

    1. You can speak to some of our happy clients
    2. We offer a no-quibble, zero-risk, full money back guarantee throughout the on-boarding process

Don’t take our word for it… here’s what some of our customers have to say

We have been working with Siftware for a number of years, ever since we identified the need for additional development support. The Siftware team has been consistently professional, and technically competent. Their first step was to complete a comprehensive website audit and risk report establishing the causes of our performance issues. Siftware also made our application fully portable to ensure efficient development and disaster recovery. Once the initial analysis had been done, performance issues and risks were identified and addressed, and we continued to rely on the expert advice and guidance of the PHP support team. The Siftware team have become an integral part of our technical development process and we value their expertise and extensive knowledge of PHP.

Adam Walton
Beacon Project Coordinator, U3A

Siftware are an integral part of our ongoing application development processes and have been invaluable working with our in-house developers, testers, and product owners on updates and features for our back end systems as well as our customer-facing website. Siftware have been excellent at helping us with both quick-turn, ad-hoc projects and with year-round services. They have proven themselves time and again to be highly adaptable, professional and trustworthy partners, and we have found them to be efficient, responsive and knowledgeable in all aspects of delivery. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Siftware team as we continue to evolve our technology and product offering.

Alan Reitsch
Chief Technology Officer, Into Film

As an experienced developer I have been impressed with how Siftware have handled taking over the support of one of our web applications. The initial risk report was detailed and very useful. Furthermore the work done to make the application ‘portable’ – so any developer can work on it and we can now easily move it to any server – has been particularly valuable. Going forwards it is going to be much easier to maintain our code.

Will Hemming
Founder, Little White Feather

When our previous developer suddenly disappeared in 2017 Siftware came to our rescue and immediately undertook a comprehensive audit and risk report, identifying all our performance issues and highlighting potential security risks. They were extremely professional and thorough in their work, giving us peace of mind and reassurance that our web application was performing optimally and securely. We continued to rely on the expertise of the Siftware team both in terms of our ongoing development needs and also just as importantly, in a support function, right up until the business was sold towards the end of 2018. It was extremely comforting to know that when we encountered unexpected maintenance issues, Siftware were on call to help resolve any technical problems to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our website

Tony Ingram
Owner (to Dec 2018), Car & Classic

Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

David Claridge
CIO, Risk Advisory Group PLC

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.

John Wright

100% Awesome, 0% Risk

Full refund if not happyWe are so confident that you are going to become another happy Siftware customer that we are able to make you a simple offer:

If at any point during the initial audit or subsequent setup process you are not happy with anything we will give you all of your money back.

No quibbles. Zero risk to you.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Our calling is to remove worry and risk for the owners of legacy PHP applications.

We are 100% tooled-up to support your PHP web application, it’s our thing, it’s what we do.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Siftware family.

100% Awesome, 0% Risk

If at any point during the initial audit or subsequent setup process you are not happy with anything we will give you all of your money back.