Thanks for showing an interest in Siftware but we are currently NOT hiring. If you apply to we will keep hold of your CV until our next hiring round.

PHP Developer? Fancy working from home?


We’re looking for a 4th full-time PHP developer to join our close-knit team.

You’d get:

  • Working from home
  • Top end Macbook Pro or Surface Book
  • Pension
  • Market rate salary
  • Conference budget
  • Book budget
  • Training budget
  • Long-term projects to work on and improve
  • Cake (and fruit)

We’d get:

  • Kick-ass, framework agnostic PHP developer
  • Someone who is nice to work with
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Commercial awareness

Please apply to with CV and cover letter containing any supporting credentials.

The longer version.

What you’d get

  • Full time working from home. Maybe you’ve read 37 Signal’s book Remote? Well we’ve been running the entire business remotely for years (though we do have an HQ in Shrewsbury)
  • Flexible working hours. Got kids? Need to do the school run or put dinner on the table at 5pm? Have a life outside of work that you need to fit things around? Not a problem; we care about the quality and consistency of your output not ‘bums on seats’ from 9 – 5
  • Decent workstation/screens
  • Conference/training/book budget
  • Work on low-churn, long term bespoke web software projects. You’ll get to steer the architectural direction of these projects and see things evolve over many iterations
  • Direct involvement and the ability to influence the company’s future direction
  • Company pension
  • At least one ‘away-day’ per year where we all get together and do something interesting (interesting for geeks that is!)
  • 4 weeks holiday on top of the week we close the office over Christmas
  • What else do you need? Tell us.

What we’ll need from you

  • Excellence in all of the following areas:
    • Written / spoken English
    • OO PHP / MVC / ORM
    • Unit & functional testing
    • Speedy & consistently high quality output
    • Commercial awareness. You understand that you’re spending other people’s money to solve business critical problems, not geeking out for the sake of it
    • Self-sufficiency: initiative, time management, multi-tasking
    • The ability & confidence to manage a small team of developers and freelancers (when required)
    • SQL
    • Linux CLI
  • Some of these additional skills:
    • Symfony/Zend/Cake framework
    • Frontend UI development (if we work on the front-end we outsource initial template creation to pros, but you may need to be able to tweak things)
    • Javascript / [insert framework]
    • API dev experience
    • Vagrant / Ansible
    • Jenkins / CI
  • Nice to have:
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Native mobile dev
    • A few speaking gigs under your belt

About us

Siftware helps the owners of complex PHP applications ensure that their online assets don’t become liabilities. We 100% specialise in providing high quality support and maintenance services: making sure that things stay secure, the lights stay on and that new features are shipped in a timely fashion. We have a number of larger, long-term projects where we get to ship new features in an iterative fashion as well as a stream of smaller jobs where the focus is stability, security and peace of mind for their owners. The majority of our work is working with bespoke systems, not projects founded on a CMS or eCommerce platform. The company was formed in 2006 and has turned a profit every year since.

About you

You will be UK based and have had various roles in the industry either as an employee or a freelancer, possibly both. You’ve a lot of projects under your belt and you’re on top of your game; you’re the person in the team that people turn to when they need help. You’re personable and have a high degree of emotional intelligence. You’ve strong opinions about development best practices and you may have even done a few talks on a related subject (though public speaking isn’t required for this role).

You may be thinking about setting up on your own or taking a job in management but you are not sure where to start. You’ve read this advert and may be thinking you’d get the best of both worlds:

work from home + work life balance + regular salary + direct involvement with the business = send CV

If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you.

The small print

Salary is negotiable and will be dependent on a number of factors. To give you some idea we’d normally pay £30k+  for a mid level developer and £40k+ for someone senior. If you’re amazing and are looking for a lot more then pitch it to us. Seriously, if you’re that good then we want to hear about it.

Please only apply if:

  • You have a dedicated & private space to work in at home
  • You live in mainland UK and are able to get to our Shrewsbury HQ within 4 hours or so without using an airplane. (We try and get all of the team in the same room at least once a month, all expenses are covered)
  • You’re able to give us 37ish highly focused and productive hours of your life per week
  • You have access to examples of previous work and you’re willing for us to approach your previous employers or clients to request testimonials or references
  • You play nicely with others
  • You are qualified 🙂 Seriously, we’re looking for the best. You need to be on top of your game; top-drawer developers only please.

If you think you might like to work with us then in the first instance please email with your CV and a covering letter. Explain your situation and tell us why you’re the woman or man for the job.

Please ensure that you include your usernames for any relevant sites such as Github or Stack Overflow as well as a link to your blog, if you do that sort of thing. Also, ensure that your email contains the word ‘tomato’ in the title (we’re just checking that you got this far).