Hello. Thanks for visiting Siftware. We are a small team of experienced web and technology experts who can help your business get the most out of the internet.

We specialise in the bits of websites you don’t normally see: code that turns webpages into applications, code that connects real world hardware with virtual world software, code that works behind the scenes to take payments from the customers and turns a website into a foundation for a business.

We have particular experience in the following areas:

Bespoke PHP web applications

Bits of software custom-built to connect your business to the web. For example, you might have behind-the-scenes technology that needs a public-facing component on the internet or a mobile device. We have specialist knowledge of Symfony, a code framework particularly well suited to building custom apps for enterprise.

Smart metering

A new and rapidly growing technology that brings the humble energy meter into the 21st century by connecting it direct to a utility company via the internet or other means. Siftware has been working since 2010 on both the software and hardware aspects of pioneering smart metering projects that set new standards for the industry in the UK.

Connecting new code to legacy systems

Many businesses depend on years-old databases, ancient (but reliable) hardware, or other less than up-to-date computer or online systems; we’re good at getting things like this connected to modern code and in turn, the wider internet.

Project takeover

Whether your developer has gone AWOL or you just need a fresh pair of eyes, we can help. Even if all you have a is zip file of your site and no documentation we can make things work again, give you back control and get your business moving.