Do these sound familiar?

  • Your current web developer is more focused on new client projects rather than maintaining your stuff
  • You have no contingency plan for a sudden developer departure or a server outage.
  • Implementing new features is a painful, ad-hoc process.
  • Your existing supplier provides slow or best-availability turnaround, even for simple requests.
  • You are looking long-term support and maintenance of your application or website
  • You’re responsible for a revenue-generating application that you don’t trust 100%.
  • Your last freelancer went snowboarding and never came back.
  • Every time a new developer works on the site, something breaks.
  • Application availability (and reliability) is poor.
  • You’d like to consider other options but you don’t have a transition plan.

If you are looking for support or maintenance of your existing web application then you’re in the right place; it’s our thing.

We’re not distracted by having to constantly win large new-build projects. We are 100% focused on projects like yours: existing code that needs to be kept maintained and secure.

We will help you protect your revenue-generating PHP application with a predictable-cost and we can rapidly transition you to a more stable and maintainable state. Our industry-standard DevOps best practices help to reduce lost revenue due to downtime and avoidable errors.

When you need new features adding or to change the design, no problem. We do this all the time, let’s agree the scope and start work when you’re ready.

You gain:

  • Developers focused on one thing: to constantly & proactively improve what you already have
  • More flexibility and agility through better control of critical information like your codebase, documentation, and known issues
  • More stability through DevOps best practices
  • Cost savings, by avoiding turnover in your freelance developers

Protect your business reputation by increasing reliability for your custom web application.

Siftware has got your back. Why not get in touch now.

Siftware is different

Expert PHP Developers

Siftware is a well established UK firm staffed by a great team of well respected developers.

Result: You have access to top shelf talent at a known price.

Fast Onboarding

We’ll start your on-boarding within a week of receiving your order.

Result: Within a week you can start to relax, your application will be on the path to reliability or ready for a new developer or supplier to take over.

Easy to work with.

We are good communicators, we’re pleasant to deal with and we’re commercially aware.

Result: a supplier that understands you. You want someone to make stuff work without any hassle.

Support and Maintenance

This is our thing, it’s what we do all day. We’re around for the long-term. We’ll be there if something goes wrong.

Result: removed hassle and worry, fast resolution to revenue threatening issues.

Our Process

1 Capture

We get on a call together and you tell us as much information as you have and tell us who else we might need to speak to. We sign any required privacy clauses or NDAs. We get access to your code.

2 On-board

We get your site running on virtual machines that closely match your live site. If you don’t have version control we get you set up. We write build scripts and create a test server. Ticket tracking systems are set-up, any known bugs are logged.

3 Support

If you sign up for support then we’ll be ready and waiting if you get into trouble and will always get back to you within an agreed SLA amount of time. We also make sure that your site gets backed up and we put our own monitoring systems on to quickly flag up problems.

4 Improve

Ongoing development requirements are prioritised, budgets agreed, timelines defined. Features are added, things speed up, loose ends are tied.

Web software drives our business and Siftware helps us keep it all running. Whether that be adding new features, making suggestions for improvements or jumping on urgent problems; they are a core part of our business.

John Wright, CTO. WVP Ltd.

Price Guide

Site Report


Report will document:

  • Is the server up to date?
  • What technologies are being used?
  • Are there any dependencies?
  • What frameworks are being used?
  • Are there any risks?
  • Where is everything hosted?
  • Who manages the domain name?
  • Do the backups work?

Rapid Onboarding


We will:

  • We collect all code and data
  • Live deployment freeze
  • Development sandboxes created
  • Version control implemented
  • Test server built
  • Automatic deployment scripts written
  • Support email set-up
  • Project backlog formalized

Ongoing Support

from £149pm

We will:

  • If something goes wrong, who you gonna call?
  • We’ll deal with your hosting company for you
  • You’ll have application availability monitoring
  • Your backups will be verified
  • You will have a service level agreement (SLA)
  • You can pre-book development time for new feature


Why should I trust Siftware?

We started working with PHP in the 90s when PHP was on version 3. Siftware’s founder Darren Beale is a long-time PHP expert and our entire team is 100% focussed on supporting and maintaining PHP applications.

I don’t want to alienate our current developers

That’s fine. Really, it is! Keep your developers and we’ll work with them to level-up your infrastructure & get your ship in order before handing them back the keys. There will be absolutely no blame–we understand that things sometimes get built on-the-hoof. However, if things do good badly with them in the future, you’re no longer deeply tied into them; you’re free to choose.