If you value security & performance you need to ensure that the version of PHP on your server is up-to-date

  • Reduce the chances of your application getting hacked by getting PHP upgraded
  • Avoid even more expensive upgrades further down the line
  • Make your application run faster

We can help you figure out if your PHP website is a ticking time bomb.

Could it get hacked or stop working? Is the version really out of date and no longer supported?

The longer you avoid a PHP upgrade the worse it’s going to get. Fill out the form to get started.

For more reasons why you should keep PHP up to date, read our detailed guide: The Business Case for Upgrading PHP.

Reduce the chances of your application getting hacked Get a performance boost and keep up to date >

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Reliability, expertise, and availability are critically important to us in a supplier. We get that from Siftware, along with an honest assessment of whatever the situation is with our custom PHP applications.

David Claridge, CIO. Risk Advisory Group PLC

What you’ll get, completely free:

  • Report giving you insights into your server set-up and PHP version worth £500
  • 15 min call with our founder to discuss the results
  • 29 page guide detailing 10 tools that you can use to  reduce risks inherent when outsourcing your application development.

We’re Siftware, a long established UK firm specialising in PHP development:

  • We only work on custom PHP web sites and applications, just like yours.
  • We’re experts at taking over existing PHP applications and giving them a new lease of life.
  • We’re not distracted by having to constantly win large new-build projects. We are 100% focused on projects like yours: existing code that needs to be kept maintained and secure