At Siftware, we pride ourselves on our ability to step in and take over when your web projects have stalled, failed, for whatever reason.

We have the skills to analyse your business needs, take a close look at whatever code has already been written, and fix any bugs (or write new code if necessary).

That’s what happened when we stepped in to help luxury travel services company Paris Perfect.
After years of struggling with a manual bookings system, they commissioned a web-based alternative. Unfortunately it failed to solve their problems, and introduced new ones all of its own. Action had to be taken.

Speed was important, so we allocated significant developer time (and pulled in freelancers to help) during the process of going through the existing bookings system code and re-building it anew.

But simply making a decent bookings system wasn’t enough. As we worked closely with the Paris Perfect team, we realised there was enormous potential to re-design their entire business process via the web.

Paris Perfect’s Sarah Conway says:

To start with, we asked Siftware to replicate Microsoft Excel for us on the web. They said ‘Sure, we can do that – but that’s not what you need.’ Which is quite a brave thing to say to a client. They made us realise we were asking for the wrong thing.

The management system we built transformed Paris Perfect as a business. The whole team was involved in contributing ideas for features which automated humdrum tasks and freed up valuable staff time for growing the business and dealing with problems as they arise.

Sarah Conway adds:

We’ve been able to grow the business thanks to the efficiencies we made with the website. We couldn’t run the business without it. Siftware understand us. They were not just suppliers, they were an extension of the team. They understand how business works in the real world.