Insite Energy provides energy metering and billing services to social landlords and commercial housing developers. Its business relies on accurate and timely collection of energy usage data from metering equipment within each property.

Siftware has worked with Insite from its early days as a start-up right through to the present where it now stands as one of the market leading energy metering and billing companies.

Our involvement with Insite has been twofold, as both developer and consultant.

Central to Insite’s residential offering is a web-based payment platform allowing customers to pay for their energy usage in a variety of ways – in person at a retail Paypoint terminal, by text message, or over the web. With our development hats on, we developed this system (now named Flexi-pay) from scratch, and worked closely with Insite’s engineers to integrate it with both their existing systems as well as other third party energy metering networks.

As consultants, we worked with Insite on the hardware side of the project. This meant helping with design, build and installation of on-site energy monitoring equipment, as well as setting up the meter networks that connect back to the internet. This fascinating and challenging work is ongoing as Insite expands its reach into the domestic shared energy market.

Gareth Jones, Insite Energy’s Managing Director, says:

Siftware have been with us since the beginning and have played an integral part in our success, helping us with onsite metering hardware, designing IT processes & building bespoke software that helps keep the business running smoothly.