We only work on custom PHP applications & websites, just like yours.

Our HQ is in Shropshire but we regularly work for clients all over the UK and beyond.

We’ve worked in all kinds of industries, including energy suppliers, high level global security, and rolling news for traders and bankers.

We’re experts at taking over existing PHP applications and giving them a new lease of life.

We have also built numerous complex PHP applications from scratch.

If it’s complex, custom and PHP then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Team

Darren Beale

Darren Beale


Darren founded Siftware in 2006 and has been working on PHP projects since 1997. He still keeps his developer skills sharp, but spends the majority of his time on new business and consultancy projects. You’ll be speaking to him if you request a free consultation.

Stewart Johnson


Stew keeps the projects flowing through the studio and our clients up to date with progress. Whenever we Skype him he’s in a coffee shop; we think he might secretly live there.

Iain Cuthbertson


Iain has been with us from the very beginning. He looks after some of our longer running projects.

Iain is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer.

Hayley Cuthbertson


Hayley is our studio manager who looks after, well, everything really. You’ll speak to her first if you call our office.

Ashley Hindle


Ashley is an experienced full stack developer and sysadmin. When not working at Siftware he spends his time coding numerous side projects, reading lots and making awesome scrambled eggs.

Ashley is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Phil Sweeny

Phil handles the money, so we’re all really nice to him. When not counting the cash he likes hooning down really big hills on his bike.

What we’ve done before

We have a track record of effective, friendly long-term working relationships with a number of clients.

Insite Energy

Insite Energy provides energy metering and billing services to social landlords and commercial housing developers. Its business relies on accurate…

Total Derivatives

If there’s one thing that City traders live and die by, it’s accurate, up-to-date markets news. In an industry where…

Terrorism Tracker

Terrorism Tracker is a comprehensive and up-to-date database of terrorist activity, available by subscription to security professionals across the globe….

Paris Perfect

At Siftware, we pride ourselves on our ability to step in and take over when your web projects have stalled,…

Our Values

We’re here to solve your business problems, not to use technology for technology’s sake.

Pragmatism & value is what we’re about.

Clear communication is essential to the successful running of your project.

We always look to build long term relationships. We are here for the long haul and we’ll watch your back.

Be nice & polite. Life is too short for anything else.

Our Values